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Kitchen and cooking fire safety

Kitchen and cooking fire safety

Observe these kitchen and cooking fire safety tips in order to have a fire-safe kitchen and a fire-free cooking experience.

  • Stay in the kitchen, don’t leave while cooking.
  • Strike match stick first, then turn on cooker knob.
  • Enforce a kid free zone.
  • Turn pot handles inward facing the wall to prevent burns caused by overturn.
  • keep things away that can burn from the burner/stove.
  • Make sure the kitchen is inspected before going to bed.
  • Provide first aid, fire blanket, fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  • Always keep your kitchen clean.

Check leakage.

  • LPG is a flammable gas which can create fire or an explosion, It can leak, via cylinder valve head.
  • Connections between the burner/ cooker and cylinder.
  • Wear and tear, cracks on the hose can cause leakage.
  • Gas supply lines, (hose/pipe) on the burner.
  • Leakage from the regulator.

Use soapy water to check for leakage after refilling your cylinder, check for leakage before use.

If you smell a leakage of gas in the kitchen.

  • Do not switch off or connect/ disconnect electrical plugs.
  • Turn off your cylinder regulator and open doors and window to increase ventilation.


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