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Corona Virus COVID-19 UPDATE

Corona Virus COVID-19 UPDATE

To Our Customers;
Swaziland Supply Centre is a business that connects with thousands of eMaswati and thus we feel the responsibility to respond in a manner that meets the level of urgency expected given the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We are committed to working with relevant institutions and the people in order to overcome the challenges we are facing as a country.
To this, we have put across some measures in order to minimise the threat of this virus and to ensure the safety of our people and our customers.
• Hand sanitisers available to all stores (Mbabane, Nhlangano & Manzini) for both our people and customers to utilise.
• Increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning practices throughout the shops and service areas.
• Ensured that all equipment is wiped down and cleaned frequently within each of our stores.
• Encouraged regular hand cleaning when handling cash and facilitating other transaction methods.
• Informed our staff of effective social distancing methods to be observed within the stores.
It’s important that all our people are equipped with all the necessary information relating to the virus and what precautionary measures to take. Information and awareness material are shared with our stores regularly to ensure both their safety and yours. This information is guided by the World Health Organization Swaziland, World Health Organization (WHO) and the Eswatini Government

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