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A backup generator acts as an insurance policy. There is no telling when or if one will need it. Whether it is worth the investment depends on one’s tolerance for power interruptions, budget, and personal situation. People who rely on electricity to power medical equipment, live in an area with frequent, prolonged blackouts, or work at home and need uninterrupted power should invest in a backup generator. Having a generator installed is also an excellent option for anyone who wants peace of mind to be prepared for unexpected situations.


  • Delivers power quickly and automatically during a blackout. Allows homeowners to operate their homes, including heating and cooling systems, televisions, computers, and other appliances


  • Allows homeowners to maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies.


  • Protects the home from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges when the power returns.


  • Operates safely during man-made and natural disasters. Affords homeowners peace of mind by ensuring their loved ones are safe during times of emergency.

Once a backup generator is installed, a homeowner does not need to worry about being stuck in the freezing cold or dark again. Additionally, it can also add value to a home and safeguard the family by keeping the power on in an emergency.

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